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Services & Pricing

These are the services that I can provide for your business. When you decide to hire KB Solutions, there will be a consultation to discuss your specific needs in more detail. 

Services I Offer

Administrative Support

  • Managing/responding to emails and calls.

  • Scheduling appointments

  • File management in Google Drive, Drop Box etc.

  • Drafting letters/emails

  • Sending greetings, thank you gifts etc. on behalf of the client

  • Preparing presentations and other documents for meetings etc.

  • Travel booking, reservations etc.

  • Preparing meeting minutes

Content Writing

  • Writing blogs for the website.

  • Writing guest posts for link building purposes.

  • Creating guides/whitepapers/eBooks for businesses.

  • Creating and planning content for brochures.

  • Writing business letters/reports etc.

Data Entry

  • Prepare, filter and compile the data to be entered.

  • Maintaining records of activities and tasks.

  • Interpreting data and presenting in various formats.

  • Spreadsheet creation

  • General data entry 

Social Media Management

  • Creating a social media content calendar to plan out what to post and when.

  • Creating social media posts.

  • Managing ad campaigns on Facebook etc.

  • Monitoring competitor’s social media presence and activities.

  • Researching various relevant groups and communities and being a part of them to spread knowledge and awareness about client’s product/brand

Market Research

  • Monitor competitors’ activities.

  • Market research to find out sales data and market, industry trends etc.

  • Undertake surveys, group interviews to gather feedback about a particular product and identify consumer preferences.

  • Checking out opportunities online for business networking.

  • Any other online research tasks that you’d like to be done.


  • Reconciliation of accounts

  • Creating and managing sales and purchase orders

  • Balance sheet management

  • Inventory management

  • Maintaining accounts on online platforms like QuickBooks

  • Processing invoices and bill payment.

  • Creating and sending invoices


Pricing Plans

Rates are subject to change based on level of support needed. 

Personal Solutions

Hourly service

This service is designed for the busy professional that may need an updated resume or support with a special project. 


per hour

Business Solutions

Project based

This service is designed for the business owner that needs administrative support to help their business run more efficiently. This service can be as needed but can't exceed 2 projects per month. 


and up

Ongoing Solutions

Specialized Support 

This service is for business owners or professionals that need support on a weekly or monthly basis. 

$150 and up

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